Louisiana Bio-Environmental and its associates can assist you in assessing your problems, solving them and preventing their re-occurrence. Louisiana Bio-Environmental has experts in all of the various disciplines required for successful solutions, including field sampling, laboratory analysis, engineering, excavation, hauling and storage. Louisiana Bio-Environmental and its associates have all required permits and licenses to perform the services required for full regulatory compliance.

In addition to the above areas of expertise, Louisiana Bio-Environmental has a unique capability for in-situbio, remediation. Louisiana Bio-Environmental has a process that will rapidly accelerate natural biodegradation.

Louisiana Bio-Environmental is a Louisiana corporation established in 1995 as an independent corporation in the environmental field involved in the bioremediation of soil and water, and the selling of products in these related fields. We have worked in conjunction with Biotek Environmental Services, Inc. from Houston, Texas since we were established. We buy our products from Biotek, and we work in partnership on various remediation projects around the nation.